1. Install the WebToZebraPrint app on your Apple iOS device.

Purchase the WebToZebraPrint App from the Apple AppStore. The App is best to be found in the AppStore by searching on the term WebToZebraPrint.

Once purchased and installed, the WebToZebraPrint App should be available on your device as shown on the right.

2. Connecting the Zebra printer

A connection between the Zebra printer and your iOS device is to be established through Bluetooth. First make sure your Zebra printer is switched on and within range of the iOS device. Then go to 'Setting' and select 'Bluetooth'. Check if Bluetooth is enabled and the iOS device is showing a list of available devices. Select the Zebra printer and wait for the device to connect.

Settings Bluetooth Connect 

3.Configure the WebToZebraPrint App

The last step is configuring the WebToZebraPrint App (step 1) to the connected Zebra printer (step 2). Open the WebToZebraPrint App and tab on the printer icon on the top right corner of your screen. This will show a list of available Zebra printers. Tab on the printer you want to add and the app will return to the home screen where the added Zebra printer is to be shown.

Available devices Active device