What is WebToZebraPrint ?

WebToZebraPrint enables you to execute print jobs from your web application to a mobile Zebra printer connected with Bluetooth.


How does it work?

An URL-scheme allows you to open the WebToZebraPrint app triggered by your web application. The URL includes several query string parameters like a base64encoded string which contains your own generated ZPL - or CPCL code. Once the URL is executed by your web application, the WebToZebraPrint app opens up, executes the print job and return to the calling web application. Your end-users will hardly notice that the print job has been handled outside your webapplication.


Supported platforms

WebToZebraPrint is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Because communication between the mobile device and the Zebra mobile printer is established with Bluetooth, both devices should support the Bluetooth protocol.